Steve Goldberg

Senior Vice President Operations & Hospitality

Steve Goldberg

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Title: Senior Vice President Operations & Hospitality

JOB DESCRIPTION: Oversees the strategic planning and operational execution of Southwest’s Ground Operations & Provisioning, Cargo & Charters, and Customer Support & Services Departments, as well as champions hospitality efforts for all Southwest Employees.

EXPERIENCE: Steve has more than 25 years in the airline industry and joined Southwest in 1996. He served as Senior Director Ground Operations Employee Resources and Senior Director Station Operations after holding Station Leadership roles at BDL, BWI, FLL, and LAS. In 2014, Steve was appointed Vice President of Ground Operations and led the Team that supports more than 20,000 Ground Operations Employees. In 2017, Steve assumed the responsibility of Senior Vice President Ground Operations & Provisioning, and then in 2018 became Senior Vice President of Operations & Hospitality.

EDUCATION: BA in English – University of South Carolina


FAMILY: Steve and his wife, Gaby, have four wonderful boys: Raymond, Jake, Luke, and Sam.

FIRST PAYING JOB: Mowing yards and pumping gas.

PROUDEST MOMENT: Each time I became a father.

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: Don't ever sell yourself short and always give 110 percent in whatever you do.

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN: Don't forget to listen.

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