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Efficiency and Reliability Benefits of the 737 MAX

  • More than 99 percent schedule Reliability goal means that the aircraft is likely to take off as scheduled and unlikely to cause maintenance delays or cancellations due to unscheduled maintenance issues
  • Approximately 14 percent improvement in fuel burn versus the 737-800
  • Increased takeoff payload
  • Increased high-density range that will allow the aircraft to fly longer distances in high air density altitudes
  • Aircraft can fly up to 500 NM farther than the 737-800

Commonality with Current Fleet of 737s

  • The 737 MAX has approximately 80% spares parts commonality with the 737-800
  • Cabin configuration is consistent with our current 737-800: Single Class, 175 Seats, 32" pitch

Hospitality Benefits of the 737 MAX

  • Our new seats feature an adjustable headrest; it's the widest economy seat in the 737 market with a lower-profile arm rest, advanced cushion support, a raised information pocket, and elevated rear seat beam that together allow for additional space for personal devices; and, overall, what Customers are asking for most, more personal space!
  • The Boeing Sky Interior, as currently seen on our 737-800s, features modern sculpted sidewalls and window reveals; a LED lighting sequence for each step of the Customers’ journey designed to enhance the sense of spaciousness; and larger, pivoting overhead stowage bins
  • New Flight Attendant-designed galleys, including a third galley onboard that will allow Flight Attendants to serve our Customer with more ease and working space
  • A quieter new engine reduces community noise for our airport neighbors
  • A music-infused Customer Experience onboard all MAX flights with playlists that will run during boarding and deplane

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