Steve Goldberg

Senior Vice President Operations & Hospitality

Steve Goldberg

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As the Senior Vice President of Operations & Hospitality at Southwest Airlines, Steve Goldberg oversees the strategic planning and operational execution of Southwest's Ground Operations & Provisioning, Cargo & Charters, and Emergency Preparedness & Risk Management Teams. Steve also leads the Hospitality Operations Support Team whose role is to ensure all Customers and Employees feel welcomed, cared for, and appreciated.

Steve's journey with Southwest began in 1996. He held Station Leadership roles at BDL, BWI, FLL, and LAS, before being promoted to Senior Director Ground Operations Employee Resources and then to Senior Director Station Operations. In 2014, he was appointed Vice President of Ground Operations and led the Team that supported more than 20,000 Ground Operations Employees. In 2017, Steve assumed the responsibility of Senior Vice President Ground Operations & Provisioning, and a year later, he was promoted into his current role of Senior Vice President of Operations & Hospitality.

Steve shares his passion for Hospitality as a board member of Visit Dallas, a not-for-profit organization that promotes Dallas as a business and pleasure destination.

Steve graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor's degree in English and continues to be an avid Gamecocks fan. Through his education and early jobs, including mowing lawns and pumping gas, Steve learned the value of hard work from a young age. The best advice he ever received was to always give 110 percent in whatever you do and never sell yourself short, and he has tried to live by that throughout his career. Steve also emphasizes the importance of listening—understanding that true growth and success come from hearing and considering different perspectives.

Outside of his professional life, Steve cherishes his family dearly. Together with his wife, Gaby, they are proud parents of four wonderful boys: Raymond, Jake, Luke, and Sam—each one of their births represent Steve's proudest moments.

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