Southwest’s Recent Weekend Performance and Continued Customer Outreach


Southwest® reports solid progress across several efforts to restore and uphold our 50+ year commitment to reliably care for Customers who trust us to deliver for them as America's largest domestic air carrier:

  • During the New Year holiday weekend (Friday-Sunday), Southwest operated 11,092 flights, a system completion rate of 99.1%;
  • We intend nearly all baggage delayed during the recent holiday travel week to be shipped or delivered by midweek;
  • Our work continues to repair relationships with our Customers, including loyal Members of Southwest Rapid Rewards®. Beginning this morning, we're reaching by email to every ticketed Customer significantly impacted last week to offer a tailored gesture of goodwill and another heartfelt apology that redoubles our commitment to Customer;
  • Our teams are focused on returning baggageprocessing requests for refunds, and reimbursing certain incidental expenses related to the disruption in travel in a round-the-clock effort aided by the support of Employee volunteers;
  • Customers who need assistance with these items can visit for help. 

In the new year, the urgent work continues on planned improvements to processes and systems that will bolster the ability of Southwest to recover effectively in large-scale disruptions of our operational plans.

The lessons of the final week of 2022, and the Heart of our People for serving our Customers and each other will guide a multi-faceted plan to win back trust and repair relationships with those who count on Southwest to come through.

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