Southwest Airlines Pilots to Vote on Five-Year Agreement

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DALLAS Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) announced today that a Tentative Agreement has been reached with the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) and will be voted on by the airline’s nearly 11,000 Pilots.

“Our Pilots are exemplary aviators, and this agreement would give them industry-leading pay rates, and numerous quality-of-life enhancements, while also providing opportunities for operational efficiencies,” said Adam Carlisle, Vice President Labor Relations at Southwest Airlines®. “I thank both negotiating committees and the National Mediation Board for their hard work to achieve this milestone, and I am glad our Pilots will get to vote on this agreement soon.”

SWAPA will communicate details of the contract and the voting process to Pilots.

Southwest® began accruing for market wage rates for all open labor contracts April 1, 2022. The Company’s fourth quarter 2023 guidance range for operating expenses per available seat mile, excluding fuel and oil expense, profitsharing, and special items (CASM-X), including those associated with this Tentative Agreement, remains unchanged at down 16 percent to 19 percent year-over-year. The CASM-X guidance range is inclusive of market wage rate accruals for this, and all open labor contracts, related to the fourth quarter 2023 time period.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
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Southwest Airlines Co. operates one of the world’s most admired and awarded airlines, offering its one-of-a-kind value and Hospitality at 121 airports across 11 countries. Southwest took flight in 1971 to democratize the sky through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel and now carries more air travelers flying nonstop within the United States than any other airline1. Based in Dallas and famous for an Employee-first corporate Culture, Southwest maintains an unprecedented record of no involuntary furloughs or layoffs in its history. By empowering its more than 74,0002 People to deliver unparalleled Hospitality, the maverick airline cherishes a passionate loyalty among more than 126 million Customers carried in 2022. That formula for success brought industry-leading prosperity and 47 consecutive years3 of profitability for Southwest Shareholders (NYSE: LUV). Southwest leverages a unique legacy and mission to serve communities around the world including harnessing the power of its People and Purpose to put communities at the Heart of its success. Learn more by visiting As the airline with Heart, Southwest has set a goal to work toward achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Southwest has also set near-term targets and a three-pillar strategy to achieve its environmental goals. Learn more by visiting  

  1. Based on U.S. Dept. of Transportation quarterly Airline Origin & Destination Survey since Q1 2021 
  2. Fulltime-equivalent active Employees       
  3. 1973-2019 annual profitability     

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