Southwest Airlines Employees Host Day-Long Art Party for Make-A-Wish Kids and Their Families to Raise Funds for the Foundation

Spirits were soaring at Southwest Airlines Headquarters today as a group of children with the Make-A-Wish Foundation teamed up with Southwest Technology Employees and HP Employees to raise funds for the cause by hosting a day-long jewelry and art-making party. All of the art created today will be sold at an upcoming Wish Night Auction to help make more wishes come true. Southwest Employees also provided the kids with a tour that included a ride on a flight simulator used for training Southwest Flight Attendants. To view a video of the Make-A-Wish Art Party, visit

Since 1997, the Wish Night event has brought in more than $10 million for these special children. Southwest is a national sponsor of Make-A-Wish, and provides travel to help make wishes come true. To read a blog post on a recent wish Southwest helped grant, visit the NUTS About Southwest blog.

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