1967 to 1971 - The Fight to Fly


January 01, 1971

Lamar Muse joins Air Southwest as President.

March 29, 1971

Lamar Muse hires Dick Elliot, Jack Vidal, Donald Ogden, and Bill Franklin. They become known as the "Over the Hill Gang."

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1972 to 1978 - LUV Over Texas


October 30, 1972

Saturday service resumes. Lamar Muse introduces the two-tier fare structure, one of the most important innovations in airline marketing history. "Pleasure Class" fares introduce night half-fare flights, $13 one-way, $25 roundtrip after 6:59 p.m. and all day Saturday and Sunday systemwide.

March 28, 1978

Lamar Muse resigns as President and CEO. Herb Kelleher is appointed Interim President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. W. W. "Bill" Franklin is named Interim COO.

July 25, 1978

The Board of Directors unanimously elects Howard D. Putnam, currently Group Vice President Marketing Services of United Airlines, as President and CEO. Putnam will join Southwest on August 21, 1978. The Board asks Herb to remain as Chairman of the Board.

August 21, 1978

Howard D. Putnam assumes position of President and CEO.

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1979 to 1981 - More than Texas


September 22, 1981

Howard D. Putnam, President of Southwest announces his resignation to become President and COO of Braniff International. Also resigning to join Putnam at Braniff is Philip Guthrie, Southwest Vice President Finance. The Board of Directors asks Herb to serve as acting President and CEO, in addition to Chairman of the Board.

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1982 to 1984 - Winging to the Coast


February 23, 1982

Herb, our Chairman, agrees to permanently assume the additional positions of President and Chief Executive Officer of Southwest Airlines. Board of Directors declares a dividend of $.08 per share on the Company's 10,407,500 shares currently issued and outstanding. This cash dividend will be paid on March 31, 1982, to shareholders of record at the close of business on March 15, 1982.

June 01, 1982

Marcy Lardon assumes the position of Vice President Personnel and Paul A. Granger joins Southwest as Treasurer.

July 01, 1982

Robert W. Lawless joins Southwest as Vice President Finance and CFO

September 20, 1982

Sam Coats joins Southwest as Vice President External Affairs.

September 28, 1984

Southwest names John Douglas Owen as Treasurer, effective October 15, 1984.

December 10, 1984

William Q. (Bill) Miller assumes position of Vice President Inflight Services.  Gary Barron assumes position of Vice President General Counsel.

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1985 to 1989 - Heartland LUV


March 07, 1985

Paul J. Quinn assumes the position of Vice President Schedule Planning.

July 01, 1985

Robert W. Lawless is promoted to Executive Vice President Chief Operations Officer and Colleen C. Barrett is promoted Vice President Administration.

November 12, 1985

James C. Wimberly joins Southwest as Vice President Ground Operations.

November 13, 1985

Gary A. Barron is appointed Executive Vice President Corporate Services.

January 29, 1986

Jim Parker is named Vice President General Counsel and Ron Ricks is named Vice President Governmental Affairs.

February 13, 1986

Muse Air officially changes its name to TranStar. Southwest names Jim Brunjes as new Vice President Systems, effective February 24, 1986.

March 13, 1986

Southwest names John G. Denison as Vice President Finance and CFO, effective March 24.

July 23, 1986

Southwest names Gary C. Kelly as the new Controller, reporting to CFO John Denison. He will be responsible for the accounting and financial systems.

February 16, 1988

Daniel W. Hay joins Southwest as Vice President Systems.

February 24, 1988

David Brown joins Southwest as Director Public Relations.

October 05, 1988

Herb announces that Captain Paul E. Sterbenz is now our Vice President Flight Operations. He will be responsible for flight operations, crew scheduling and planning divisions and the training center, in addition to the Company's pilots.

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1990 to 1994 - Look West, Young Airline


January 16, 1990

The Culture Committee is formed, comprising appointed Employees representing all regions and Departments across the Southwest system.  With respect to the filing of a Scheduled at the SEC today by Hill Investments, Ltd., Herb states that in a telephone conversation initiated by Al Hill, Jr. last evening, Mr. Hill, speaking on behalf of Hill Investments, Ltd., informed Mr. Kelleher, and authorized Mr. Kelleher to state, that the acquisition of 5.3% of Southwest's stock by Hill Investments, Ltd., was solely an investment in Southwest in recognition of its past accomplishments and future prospects and that Hill Investments, LTD's investment was made without hostile intent.

November 21, 1990

Colleen Barrett is promoted to the newly created position Executive Vice President Customers. Departments reporting to Colleen in her new position will be Marketing, Special Marketing, Governmental Affairs, People (personnel), Customer Relations, Public Relations, Company Club, and Employee Communications.

November 26, 1991

Rollin W. King, a founder and former president of Southwest Airlines, has been named Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of Panama Air International, S.A. The announcement was made by J. J. Vallarino, III, a founder and chairman of Panama Air International.

March 20, 1992

"Smokin" Herb Kelleher and "Curtsy" Kurt Herwald, chairman of Stevens Aviation, compete in "Malice in Dallas," an arm wrestling bout, for the rights to the advertising slogan "Just Plane Smart." The event receives worldwide coverage and a congratulatory note from President George Bush.

August 10, 1992

Al Davis, Director Internal Audit, is named Vice President Internal Audit and Special Projects.

January 14, 1993

Carolyn Bates, a 20-year veteran of the airline industry with broad experience in airport operations and reservations, is named Southwest's Vice President Reservations. Bates will oversee all reservations operations with a current staffing complement of more than 2,500 Reservations Employees.

April 12, 1993

Robert W. Rapp is named Vice President Systems. Rapp, who was most recently Director Information Systems for Pacific Enterprises Oil Company, will be responsible for overseeing Southwest's expanding information and technology needs. Southwest Airlines ranks second in the 1992 Airline Quality Rating (AQR) study.

May 24, 1993

Southwest celebrates new service from Louisville (SDF) with a tailgate party. Service begins with six daily nonstop roundtrips to MDW, four daily nonstop roundtrips to STL, and one daily nonstop roundtrip to BHM. SDF is our 35th city. President Bill Clinton selects Herb to serve on a 90-day Commission titled the "National Commission to Ensure A Strong Competitive Airline Industry."

March 15, 1994

Herb is elected the 52nd president of The Wings Club, one of the world's oldest aviation organizations. He succeeds Robert H. Hood, president of the Douglas Aircraft division of McDonnell Douglas.

May 02, 1994

Announces testing of two new methods of ticket distribution to the travel agency community. A limited number of Apollo travel agencies who agree to participate in the test will receive a new personal computer system with live availability displays called Southwest Travel (SouthwestT). As an alternative test, Southwest produced and delivered next-day tickets on an expedited basis to many inconvenienced Apollo agencies. Herb appears on the cover of Fortune Magazine as the question is posed "Is Herb Kelleher America's Best CEO?" Days later, our Employees send the Editor a petition with over 10,000 signatures stating "Yes!"

May 07, 1994

At the annual Chili Cookoff, a group of Southwest and Morris pilots present Herb with his very own Custom Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail.

October 14, 1994

Employees purchase a full-page ad in USA Today as a special tribute to Herb on Boss's Day. The ad is seen by an estimated 6.5 million people. LUV Classic golf tournament at Bear Creek. $320,000 was donated to Ronald McDonald Houses in the following manner: 50% to DAL and 50% to SLC.

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1995 to 1997 - Southern Days and Southern Flights


March 02, 1995

Elizabeth "Libby" Pedrick Sartain is named Vice President People.

March 10, 1995

Southwest salutes Jack Vidal, our original VP Maintenance, by dedicating a plane in his name for recognition of 24 years of service and leadership.

March 13, 1995

Keith Taylor is named Vice President Revenue Management.

May 31, 1995

Luke J. Gill is named Vice President Maintenance and Engineering.

October 30, 1995

Camille Keith attends the first-ever White House Conference on Travel and Tourism at the invitation of President Bill Clinton. Keith is one of more than 1,700 delegates from the travel and tourism industry to attend the two-day conference in Washington, D.C.

December 05, 1995

Ginger C. Hardage is named Vice President Public Relations and Corporate Communications and Edward L. Stewart is named Director Public Relations.

April 29, 1996

Herb will share the helm of the nation's fifth largest airline on June 12, 1996 with the winner of the "President for a Day" 25th Anniversary challenge. Herb has challenged every man and woman to submit their most innovative ideas for the "Seven Tenets Of A Successful Leader." Herb will choose the winner personally and share his secrets of success in Dallas on June 12, 1996.

June 12, 1996

Dave Ridley conducts a live, interactive question and answer session for one hour on AOL. Jim Brown of World Airline News will serve as moderator on a variety of topics.

March 03, 1997

Mike Golden is named Vice President Purchasing. Southwest Airlines is named America's most admired airline in FORTUNE's industry-specific listing of "Most Admired Companies," and finishes 45th place overall.

July 31, 1997

Colleen Barrett receives an award for "200 Most Powerful Women" from Travel Agent Magazine.

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1998 to 2000 - Southwest Flies Northeast


May 01, 1998

Herb announces the following senior management changes effective as specified: Effective Dec. 31, 1998, Gary Barron relinquishes his position as Executive Vice President-Chief Operations Officer. He will remain an Executive Vice President of Southwest through at least Dec. 31, 2000 with responsibilities primarily in the labor relations area. Jim Wimberly, formerly Vice President Ground Operations, will transition under Barron's direction for the remainder 1998, and on Jan. 1, 1999, will replace Barron as Executive Vice President-Chief Operations Officer. Flight Operations, Inflight Services, Maintenance, Fuel Management, and Ground Operations will report to Wimberly, 45, in his new position. Dave Ridley is named Vice President Ground Operations, effective May 1, 1998. Ridley, 45 was Vice President Marketing and Sales, and will now oversee 8,000 Employees who work in Cargo, Customer Service, and Ramp and Operations at Southwest's 52 airport locations. He will also become a member of Southwest's Executive Planning Committee. Joyce Rogge will become Vice President Marketing and Southwest's sole marketing officer on May 1, 1998. Previously, Rogge, 40, was Vice President Advertising and Promotions, and shared responsibility for Marketing and Pricing with Ridley. In her new position, she will also oversee Field Marketing, Product Distribution, and the Group and Packages business Donna D. Conover is named Vice President Inflight Services and Provisioning. Conover, 45, was Director System Support for Ground Operations and will now oversee approximately 4,500 Flight Attendants as well as the aircraft provisioning function.

September 23, 1998

Laura Wright becomes Southwest's new Treasurer. John Owen becomes Vice President Operations Planning and Analysis. Southwest Pilots vote to keep in place the ten-year contract negotiated in 1994 that will expire in 2004.

March 03, 1999

Jim Sokol becomes Vice President Maintenance and Engineering.

October 01, 1999

Southwest Airlines names Jim Ruppel as Vice President of Customer Relations and Rapid Rewards. Nashville Line Maintenance opens. Beginning Oct. 1, 1999 members of Southwest's frequent flyer program can earn credit for hotel stays at Hilton and Marriott International, Inc.

January 01, 2000

Southwest Airlines adds a third hotel partner to its Rapid Reward frequent flyer program. Beginning Jan. 1, 2000, members of Southwest's frequent flyer program can earn credit for hotel stays at properties operated by Hyatt. Greg Crum becomes the Vice President of Flight Operations and Chief Pilot.

June 01, 2000

Ellen Torbert is promoted to Vice President Reservations. She began her carrier as a Reservations Sales Agent in 1987 at the Dallas Reservations Center.

December 21, 2000

Kevin Krone is named Vice President Interactive Marketing.

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2001 to 2004 - Post 9/11, Southwest Recovers


April 11, 2001

Tammye Walker-Jones will assume the position of Vice President Inflight on June 19, and Daryl Krause will become Vice President Provisioning on the same day.

June 19, 2001

Bob Montgomery is named Vice President of Properties and Facilities.

August 05, 2004

Southwest realigns it's organizational structure and fills several new positions, in addition to the previously announced promotion of Laura Wright: Ron Ricks becomes Senior Vice President Law, Airports, and Public Affairs. Tom Nealon becomes Senior Vice President Technology and Chief Information Officer. Dave Ridley fills the Senior Vice President People and Leadership Development position. Bob Jordan becomes the new Senior Vice President Spend Management. Ginger Hardage is named as Senior Vice President Corporate Communications. Beverly Carmichael is the new Senior Vice President Employee and Labor Relations.

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2005 to 2007 - Wright WAS Wrong


August 22, 2005

CEO Gary Kelly reports that Executive Vice President Aircraft Operations Jim Wimberly has decided to retire early next year. Southwest announces the promotion of Barry Brown as our newest Officer and Vice President of Safety and Security. Barry recently celebrated his 15th anniversary with Southwest.

April 07, 2006

Scott Topping is named the new Vice President Treasurer at Southwest Airlines. Scott joined Southwest in 1995 as a Financial Analyst in our Planning Department. In 1996, he moved to our Purchasing Department where he held several positions including Manager Purchasing. Scott returned to Finance in 1999 as Manager Corporate Finance. In 2005, he was promoted to Assistant Treasurer.

December 01, 2006

Greg Crum becomes Vice President, Director of Operations.

December 31, 2006

Senior Vice President Joyce Rogge retires.

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2008 to 2010 - Revealing the Future


May 21, 2008

At the Board of Directors meeting, it is announced that Gary will become Chairman of the Board to replace Herb who relinquished his title on this date. On July 16, Gary will also assume the President role to succeed Colleen who steps down as President the day before. Both Herb and Colleen are honored at the annual Shareholder's Meeting, and they are named Chairman Emeritus and President Emeritus respectively.

July 15, 2008

On Colleen's last day as Southwest's President, she was honored with a surprise tribute in the lobby of Headquarters. Serenaded by a "customized" Willie Nelson song, she was met by the sound of cowbells, which in her family were rung to celebrate great accomplishments. Gary also dedicated Colleen's special airplane, "Heroine of the Heart" to be a permanent member of Southwest's fleet.

August 06, 2008

Kay Weatherford is promoted to Vice President Revenue Management and Pricing.

August 15, 2008

Bob Young joins Southwest Airlines as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

August 25, 2008

Kathleen Wayton is promoted to Vice President Strategy and Change Leadership.

September 01, 2008

Tammy Romo moves from Vice President Controller to Vice President Financial Planning, and Leah Koontz becomes Vice President Controller.

June 16, 2010

Brian Hirshman joins Southwest as the Vice President of Maintenance & Engineering.  Bringing more than 20 years experience in airline maintenance programs, Hirshman started his career as a frontline mechanic for Northwest Airlines in New York.  He held the positions of Director of Maintenance and Staff Vice President Maintenance at Alaska Airlines until 2004. After that, he has worked in the consulting and investment banking arena providing professional services to airline operators and MRO organizations.

November 12, 2010

Southwest Airlines is pleased to announce that Captain Jeff Martin has been named the carrier's first Vice President of the Operations Coordination Center.  Captain Martin began his career with Southwest Airlines in 1990 as a Southwest Pilot. Most recently, he served as the Assistant Director of Operations.  Captain Martin maintains his status as a Southwest Captain/Check Pilot and civilian flight instructor as he brings a wealth of operational and regulatory expertise to the OCC. Captain Martin was instrumental in leading the Southwest Airlines RNP program and numerous change initiatives within Flight Operations and is currently leading the evaluation efforts as Southwest's Business Delivery Leader for the Boeing - 800 integration project.  He (and the Southwest Team) were also recently named as a recipient of the 2010 Williams Trophy for innovation in aviation award.

November 24, 2010

John Jamotta is named as the new Vice President of Network Planning.  John has been with Southwest Airlines and Network Planning--formerly known as Schedule Planning--since 1987, serving as Senior Director for the past seven years and leading the integrated planning function within Network Planning.

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2011 to Present - One LUV


March 25, 2011

Matt Buckley is promoted to Vice President Cargo & Charters for Southwest Airlines.  He began his 29-year career with Southwest in 1982 as a Ramp Agent in Midland, Texas.

May 5, 2011

Bob Jordan, Southwest Airlines Executive Vice President of Strategy and Planning, assumes the title of President of AirTran Airways, and continues to report to Gary Kelly, as he maintains his current responsibilities for Southwest's Technology, Finance, Internal Audit, and Corporate Planning Departments, while leading AirTran through the integration period. Bob Fornaro, who has served as Chairman, President, and CEO at AirTran, is in a key new role as a full-time consultant for the integration of the two airlines, working closely with Kelly and Jordan to ensure a smooth transition.

Brian Hirshman, Southwest's current Vice President Maintenance & Engineering is becomes Senior Vice President Technical Operations effective June 1.  Hirshman will join the Company's Executive Planning Committee and will continue reporting to Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Mike Van de Ven.  Vice President Maintenance Operations Jim Sokol will continue to report to Hirshman.

Additionally, Kirk Thornburg who has served as AirTran Vice President Maintenance and Engineering will move to report to Hirshman and will serve in a new role as Southwest Airlines Vice President Technical Services.

Also effective June 1, Teresa Laraba assumes the title of Senior Vice President Customer Services and Training, as she adds overall senior oversight to the operational training functions.  Laraba's existing role in Customer Services remains unchanged as she continues to have overall responsibility for the Customer Service areas within Customer Support & Services, Customer Relations, and Ground Operations.

September 22, 2011

Bob Jordan, Southwest's current Executive Vice President Strategy & Planning, is promoted to Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, and he maintains his role as President of AirTran Airways. In his new role, Jordan will oversee several senior leaders and areas including Marketing, Revenue Management, Customer Relations & Rapid Rewards, Customer Support & Services, the Customer Experience, and Network and Corporate Planning.
Jeff Lamb, Southwest's current Senior Vice President Administration & Chief People Officer, is been promoted to Executive Vice President & Chief People & Administrative Officer.  In his new role, Lamb is responsible for People & Leadership Development, Technology, Diversity & Inclusion, Purchasing, Fuel Management, Facilities, and Corporate Security.
Ellen Torbert, Southwest's current Vice President of Customer Support & Services, is promoted to Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion. In this newly created Leadership role, Ellen will provide Leadership, vision, and advocacy as Southwest continues its work to foster an inclusive work environment.

February 7, 2012

Julie Weber becomes the new Vice President of People. In her new position, Weber is responsible for all activities involved in bringing the right People into Southwest Airlines; giving all Employees the opportunity for personal and professional growth; and assuring quality and depth of Leadership throughout the Company. Weber joined the Southwest Family in 2006 as a Director in the People Department, and most recently served as Senior Director of People.

March 13, 2012

Matt Hafner, Southwest’s current Vice President of Integrated Operations, has been named Vice President of the Operations Coordination Center. In this role, Hafner will lead areas including Dispatch, Meteorology, Operations Coordination Center Automation and Support, Air Traffic, Customer Service Coordinators, Flight Following, and the coordination efforts with Maintenance Control. Jack Smith, AirTran Airways’ current Senior Vice President of Customer Service, is joining Southwest Airlines as Vice President of Ground Operations/AirTran. In his new role, Smith will oversee all Ground Operations for AirTran Airways. Nan Barry, Southwest’s current Senior Director to the Chief Executive Officer, has been promoted to Managing Director of the Executive Office. In her new role, Barry will serve as Chief of Staff to Gary Kelly, Southwest’s Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer. She also will oversee the administration of Southwest’s Board of Directors and the Executive Office as well as management of the Company’s Executive Committees. Barry also leads the Internal Customer Care Team and serves on the Board of the Southwest Airlines Catastrophic Assistance Charity. Jim Sturgis has been named Southwest’s Managing Director of Quality, Programs, and Maintenance Safety. In this new role, which reports within the Technical Operations Department, Sturgis will provide Leadership for the Quality Assurance, Aircraft Programs, and Maintenance Safety Teams and will be the liaison and point of contact with the FAA concerning all regulatory affairs relative to Southwest Maintenance.

May 07, 2012

Mike Delehant becomes Vice President of Strategic Planning and will be responsible for ensuring Southwest's strategies and business plans are always aligned and focused on meeting their objectives. Delehant joined Southwest Airlines in 2002 and spent his first five years as a Leader in the Technology Department. He was promoted to Director of Strategic Planning in 2007 and to Senior Director of Strategic Planning in 2009. Prior to Southwest, Delehant was a principal consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Dallas.

June 06, 2012

Southwest Airlines recently announced that Chris Monroe has been promoted to Treasurer. In this position, Monroe provides Leadership, direction, and support for the Treasury Department, and has direct responsibilities for corporate finance functions including capital markets, cash management and investing, fuel hedging, interest rate and foreign currency hedging, corporate insurance, stock option administration, fleet contract administration, banking and rating agency relationships, and capital structure. He began working for Southwest in September 1991 and has served in various roles throughout the Company. Some of Monroe's previous positions include: Senior Financial Analyst, Manager Cargo Finance, Purchasing Contract Negotiator, Director Ground Operations Planning, and Financial Planning Controller. In 2007, Monroe moved to the Treasury Department as Director Corporate Finance and was promoted to Assistant Treasurer in 2011. Monroe succeeds former Southwest Airlines Treasurer Scott Topping, who left the Company last year.

June 13, 2012

Southwest Airlines' Vice President of Flight Operations Chuck Magill was recently honored at the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation's "100 Years of Marine Corps Aviation" ceremony in San Diego as the Desert Storm hero-representative for being a Marine/Air Force F-15 exchange Mission Commander during the war. One of the missions ended in Chuck shooting down an MiG-29 (the most advanced Soviet-made fighter at that time) while leading the Air Force's First Daylight Mission of the War. Chuck Magill joined Southwest in 1993 as a Pilot.

June 14, 2012

Southwest Airlines names Trevor Stedke Vice President of Technical Services. In this position, Stedke will provide Leadership for Engineering Services and Standards, Quality, Maintenance Safety, Powerplant, and Aircraft Programs.

July 26, 2012

Teresa Laraba is named Southwest's Senior Vice President of Customers. In this new role, Laraba will continue to provide senior Leadership for three departments: Customer Support & Services, Customer Relations & Rapid Rewards, and Customer Services. Jack Smith is named the airline's Vice President of Customer Support & Services.

August 30, 2012

Senior Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Laura Wright, advises the Company of her decision to retire. Tammy Romo is named to succeed Wright as Senior Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Romo has been serving Southwest as Senior Vice President of Planning.

October 05, 2012

J. Randolph "Randy" Babbitt joins Southwest as Senior Vice President of Labor Relations to direct and oversee the carrier's labor related activities.

December 10, 2012

Madeleine Johnson, Southwest's Vice President and General Counsel, announces her decision to retire, effective Feb. 1, 2013. Her successor will be Mark Shaw, Southwest's Associate General Counsel of Corporate & Transactions.

February 06, 2013

Southwest Airlines announces several executive changes as part of an overall effort to better streamline the Company's organizational structure. Dave Ridley takes on a new role as Senior Vice President Business Development. In this position, Ridley will focus on assignments that aid the development of our future business strategy and direction; evaluation of Southwest's current business performance; and special assignments. Kevin Krone, currently Vice President Marketing, Sales, and Distribution, will be promoted to Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Katherine Findlay, Managing Director Internal Audit, has been promoted to Vice President Internal Audit, and Elizabeth Bryant, Managing Director Training, has been promoted to Vice President Training.

April 19, 2013

Southwest Airlines announces Craig Maccubbin will join the airline as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Vice President of Technology Operations, effective May 6, 2013.

May 22, 2013

Southwest Airlines announces the promotion of Randy Sloan to Senior Vice President as the Company's Chief Information Officer. Sloan joined the carrier in March of 2012 and immediately assumes the new role.

October 14, 2013

Southwest announces key executive changes across the carrier's Commercial, Operational, and Technology groups: Andrew Watterson joins Southwest as Vice President of Network Planning and Performance to lead the carrier's Network Planning and Commercial Planning Teams. Sherry Staber joins Southwest as Vice President of Business Transformation Solutions, Operations and Enterprise Management, a leadership position in the carrier's Technology organization. Bill Tiffany, currently Southwest's Maintenance Senior Director of Supply Chain Management, has been promoted to Vice President of Supply Chain Management. Additionally, Brian Hirshman, currently Southwest's Senior Vice President of Technical Operations, has been tapped to become Senior Vice President of Operations, overseeing Technical Operations, Cargo/Charter Operations, Ground Operations, and the carrier's Operations Coordination Center. Hirshman succeeds Greg Wells, who assumes the role of Senior Vice President of Operational Performance to focus on operational strategy and overall performance for the organization. Finally, Ryan Green, currently Southwest's Senior Director of Loyalty and Partnerships in Marketing, has been promoted to Managing Director of Customer Development.

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