Justin Jones

Senior Vice President Operational Strategy & Design

Justin Jones

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Title: Senior Vice President Operational Strategy & Design

JOB DESCRIPTION: Leads Southwest’s modernization and operational efforts in support of strategic priorities.

EXPERIENCE:  Joined Southwest Airlines in 2001 as a Revenue Management and Pricing Analyst. Previously held positions in Interactive Marketing, Aircraft Operations, Operations Research, Pricing, and Planning as well as the Commercial Lead for the replacement of our reservation system. In 2016, Justin became Vice President Operational Strategy and Performance where he was responsible for the operational performance and strategic planning of companywide initiatives that align and support our operations. Justin served in that role until September 2018 before moving to Technical Operations.

EDUCATION:   Bachelor of Science in Economics, Texas A&M University


FAMILY: Wife, Melissa, and two children, Sam and Stella

FIRST PAYING JOB: Working in cotton fields in central Texas

PROUDEST MOMENT: When my children were born

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: Expect the best from your people, believe they are the best, and they will make it true

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN: Do not be overly concerned about your career path; work every day as hard as you can, solve as many problems as you can and your career will take care of itself

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